Flowers and Christian Louboutin

Floral bouquets get a Christian Louboutin boost this season, with a little help from photographer Peter Lippmann.

Lippmann collaborated with Christian Louboutin on FLOWERS, a portfolio of creative imagery to illustrate the season’s key themes and designs.

When starting to plan the exhibition— the first retrospective of Balthus’s work in Japan since his death in 2001—Setsuko asked her dear friend, Christian Louboutin, to re-create a pair of slippers that she had personally embroidered for her husband years earlier. Christian accepted immediately, humbled by the opportunity to honour his dear friend.

Speaking to GQ , the Frenchman revealed how it’s “much easier” to design a shop for men: “You need really big seats because men put their shoes on, and jump up to see if it fits perfectly and then sit and decide to see a shoe in different colors’, he explained.


And just as the FLOWERS series references great artistry, Christian Louboutin likes to apply artisan techniques to modern contexts throughout the new collection. From the hand-stitched finishing on the Amazona boot, to the gold hand-embroidery on the Academicus and Academia, to the new, woven-leather “tressé” pattern in the men’ collection, craftsmanship comes into play in surprising and sophisticated ways—like that So Kate hidden in the blossoms.


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